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PC Computer / Windows
We Diagnose and Fix any Issues! Always fast!!

Virus Removal, Desktop & Laptop Repair, Peer-to-Peer Networking, Custom Computers, Office Relocation, Microsoft Office with Outlook Email Setup, Data Recovery, Tune-Ups, Wireless Solutions, Troubleshooting, Local & Cloud Backups, Website Setup...

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Mac Computer / OS X
Best-Teks will work on your Mac Computer! 

Replace Screens, Keyboards and 

Hard Drives, Memory Upgrades, 

OS X Installs, Local & iCloud Backups, Home Office Networking, Airport Wireless Solutions, Troubleshooting, Password Reset, Boot Camp, VMWare and Virtual Machine Setup.....

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Servers & Networking
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Small-Medium Businesses up to 50 Employees. Active Directory Domain Controller, Users & Groups, Office 365 & Network Setup and Maintenance. Security, Automatic and Nightly Back-Ups,Password Reset..

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Cyber Security & Firewall
We help prevent computer attacks on your business!
Firewall installations in Businesses or HomeOffice networks can help you achieve Cyber Security from cybercriminals who often attack Electronic Systems, Networks, Computers, Mobile Devices, Programs and Data.

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Have a problem at the Home or Office?


  • At Home or Office - Service & Repairs

  • We Come to You!

  • Microsoft & Apple Certified Technicians

  • Timely Services & Repairs

  • Years of Professional Experience

  • Reasonable prices!

  • And above all.....Guaranteed Satisfaction!!

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Problems with your Computer Hardware or Software?


  • Computer Diagnostics

  • Memory / RAM Upgrades

  • Hard Drive Installs

  • Backups

  • Software Troubleshooting

  • Software Training

  • Computer Cleaning (Slow PC Response)

  • Virus / Spyware Removal

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Have a Small Company wanting to Set up a Network?


  • 1-50 Employee Networks

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 - 2016 

  • Active Directory, Users & Security Groups

  • Virtual Machines: Hyper-V; VMware ESXi

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection

  • User Data & Server Backups

  • MS Office 365

  • Active Directory Password Recovery & Reset

  • Cisco / SonicWall Routers & Switches

  • VLANs & VoIP Phone Systems

best teks

How irritating is it to deal with a slow computer? Or one that suddenly starts making weird noises and shuts down without warning?

We know the feeling!

At Best-Teks, we offer computer repair services so that you never have to break your tempo, whether it’s surfing social media or working from home. However, you may think that the family nerd can fix the problem, but we advise against it. Getting professional computer help is the best option that saves you from future trouble both with time and cost.

Why go for expert computer services?

We don’t enjoy tooting our own horn (we kinda do), but there are some obvious advantages of hiring us to care for all your computer needs.

  • Cost-efficient: if you think that the costs of professional computer repair are too high, then think again. Waiting for the computer to get better on its own or trying to fix it yourself may cause permanent damage. So always call the experts!

  • Relevant training: we have trained people for every problem that may arise with your computer. Save your energies and let us do our job with efficiency.

  • Time-saving: trying to find out what’s wrong with your computer is like trying to guess what your cat is thinking. Unless you have the training. In this case, we do, so don’t waste precious time and call us immediately.

  • Safety of data: you never know that this might be the last time your computer turns on, which means risking tons of essential data. We ensure that it doesn’t happen to you because we know its value.

Just type ‘best computer repairs near me’ and click on Best-Teks for an experience rather than a service!
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